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We are always interested in hearing from applicants with healthy work ethics for the following positions - 

FRONT OF HOUSE (ask for Jane or Chris)

BACK OF HOUSE (ask for Harold)
Kitchen Staff (all levels of experience)



Brewmaster Greeting

Welcome to Cool Springs Brewery, the first and only microbrewery in Williamson County! I am very proud and excited to be a part of this historic project.  My brewing philosophy is to make the very finest ales and lagers possible by using traditional brewing techniques and only the freshest ingredients available.  I take pride in what I do and I hope when you try the beers you will understand why.  Cheers!

--John Overby, Brewmaster




Beer To Go!

Beer to Go image

Craft Brew Take-out

We are delighted that we have been licensed to sell our beer 'to-go'.
Why not enjoy our beer in the comfort of your own home when purchasing a growler (64oz) of our hand crafted brew to take away.

Growler and fill   from $19.00
Refill only                from $14.00


Homebrewing Tips

For those customers who are "homebrewing" enthusiasts, or simply curious about hom brewing, here are a few tips from our Brewmaster, Derrick Morse...

Sanitation is vital to brewing great beer! Make sure everything that comes into contact with the beer has been sanitized

Do a full wort boil. This will give you better hop utilization, a better hot break, and better flavor extraction

Use a good quality yeast strain and pitch enough of it to ensure a complete fermentation. Grow a yeast starter if necessary

Control your fermentation temperatures. To properly do a lager style beer you may need to buy a used refrigerator with an external thermostat

Do not pitch your yeast until you have chilled the wort properly

Avoid hot side aeration of the wort by being gentle with it during sparging and the boil

As you gain more experience begin doing all grain brews, this is the only way to have complete control of your recipes

Homebrewing is a great and rewarding hobby, so have fun!!!


For more information about homebrewing, visit the American Homebrewers Association website.

Top 25 Beer Club!

Stay 'loyal to the cause' and be upgraded to a 22oz pint glass for your dedication and appreciation of our craft brew

We'll reward you for your loyalty.  Sign up for a Loyalty Card so we can track your dedication and loyalty to our craft beers.  You will receive one point for every pint you buy of our crafts and four for a growler.  We will periodically run a report to see who our Top 25 dedicated beer drinkers are every three months.  Those most 'loyal to the cause' are promoted from a 16oz to a 22oz glass for the duration of their three month stay within the Top 25 Beer Club.  


Beer List



Currently On Tap

Franklin's First icon FRANKLIN'S FIRST
Franklin's First iconFATBACK AMBER ALE
BushWacker icon PECKER WRECKER
BushWacker icon TITCHES WIT
BushWacker icon LIFE'S A BEACH
BushWacker iconCALL OUT STOUT




Bottled Beers

• Bud Light
• Yuengling           
• Bold Rock Cider
• Michelob Ultra    
• Miller Lite
• Stella Artois 
• CSB Bottled Beers


pricing varies