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We are proud to be a part of Nashville Craft Beer Week.



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Monkey Business


beez nuts




Anyone that knows me, knows that I've got a bunch of stuffed monkeys. Why does that matter to beer?...

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Black SenSaison

Belgian Dark


I ’m a foodie at heart, and I love flavor. I’ve recently been in a conversation with one of my elder statesmen in the brewery industry about the social responsibility of our younger brewers. His contention...



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Beez Nuts, Honey Maple Nut Brown

beez nuts


Much like painting a picture, when it comes to developing a beer recipe, you have to utilize your right brain. Myself being left brain dominant, I take inspiration for recipes from odd muses.
This particular beer was born from...

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Crown Jewels, Old ale


Old ales were a blend of what is considered an English Mild and Stock ale. Stock ale was a beer brewed at the end of the brew season. Typically the brewing season was suspended during the warm summer months due to unfavorable fermentation temperatures. This led to brewing higher alcohol content...

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