Music City Brewer's Festival

Dear all

Music City Brewer's Festival - this Saturday 31st July

Chris, Mike, Mali and Angie are at the Music City Brewer's Festival in Nashville this Saturday.  We're taking all our crafts currently on tap along so hope to see you down there for some festive fun.

Jane and Chris x

General information on our refund practices

Dear all

I just wanted to talk a little on our refund practices.  I know that most of you are aware that Cool Springs Brewery is not a chain, it's not corporate, it's a stand alone establishment owned by myself and Chris.  If we make a mistake on your order, of course we will pick up the cost of that, however we do ask that our customers take responsibility for the cost of those items that they order in error.

I know that there are many restaurants around here that will take money off for pretty much anything, but most of these restaurants are chains so there is no direct impact on the Managers who make the decision to refund, unlike with us.  So, of course we will take ownership for our mistakes and just ask that you do the same for yours. 

I hope the above makes sense.

Jane and Chris


Don't miss Fridays Late Night Music with Paris Delane

Hey guys


Don't miss this.  Late Night Music with Paris Delane tomorrow, thats Friday July 9th, 9:30-midnight.  You should check Paris out, fpreviously of Sonia Dada.  This chap is phenominal, check out his Facebook Page.  Hope to see you here.

Jane and Chris

We are closed on 4th July

Dear all

Remember we are closed for the holiday tomorrow.  Happy 4th July.  We will re-open again on Monday.



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    Join us here at CSB for our fun Anti Valentines celebration.

    Valentine or no valentine, you'll have much more fun with us than enduring all that romantic meal malarky!

    Our staff will be here, dressed as 'pin up girls', ready to make your anti valentines day an especially fun one this year. 

    Two costume competitions (staff and customers) We'll be running two anonymous costume competitions.  You'll be voting for the best staff and customer costumes.  The winner of the customer contest will receive a free growler and fill and the member of staff who wins gets to choose their own schedule for the following week.

    We've a DJ playing all your favorite hits from the 70's onwards including some anti valentine classics.

    Our usual Happy Hour will run from 4pm-7pm.

    As always, our $3 shot of the month will be available all day.

    We've two $5 Anti Valentine shots available from 4pm.  Shot #1 Friends w/benefits.  Shot #2 Stupid Cupid.

    We are looking forward to it and hope to see you in your best anti valentine costume or, simply dressed as you.

    Love the CSB team.

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Why not enjoy our beer in the comfort of your own home when purchasing a growler (64oz) of our hand crafted brew to take away.

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