Top 25 Beer Club!

Stay 'loyal to the cause' and be upgraded to a 22oz pint glass for your dedication and appreciation of our craft brew

We'll reward you for your loyalty.  Sign up for a Loyalty Card so we can track your dedication and loyalty to our craft beers.  You will receive one point for every pint you buy of our crafts and four for a growler.  We will periodically run a report to see who our Top 25 dedicated beer drinkers are every three months.  Those most 'loyal to the cause' are promoted from a 16oz to a 22oz glass for the duration of their three month stay within the Top 25 Beer Club.  


Beer List



Currently On Tap

Franklin's First icon FRANKLIN'S FIRST
Fatback Amber Ale icon FATBACK AMBER ALE
Fatback Amber Ale icon TENNESSEE BLACK HOLE
BushWacker icon PECKER WRECKER
BushWacker icon TITCHES WIT
BushWacker iconBRETT SAISON
BushWacker icon HONEY DO BREW
Fatback Amber Ale iconCHOCOLATE PORTER
Fatback Amber Ale icon FLANDERS RED



Bottled Beers

• Bud Light
• Yuengling           
• Crispin
• Michelob Ultra    
• Miller Lite
• Stella Artois 
• CSB Bottled Beers


pricing varies